“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.” - Maria Montessori

It is our deepest intention for little bodies to learn through movement and play; with novel, enriched and fun experiences that support the developing child. The Playspace will rotate a few items seasonally which adds to the interest of the children. It is also important that the favorite items remain for comfort and familiarity.

We have intentionally set our pricing to encourage families and the community to frequently come together and develop a sense of community. If this is a hardship, please contact us.

All are welcome and accepted in our space. Due to the size of our room we limit the amount of children and adults to maintain a safe and pleasant experience for everyone. Please sign-up below.

Drop In Rates $8 per child.
Tot Circle Time & Babe Group $75 six week group


Our triangle climber and play gym take up the most space because climbing, balance, hopping, and sliding are so important! Gross Motor skills help to assist in refining balance , strength and muscle endurance and coordination. Climbing, jumping , bending, twisting and squatting movements can be practiced while having fun.


The magnetic board helps develop fine motor skills while providing a “hands on” science experiment. Geometric shapes and color identification are introduced and an opportunity to create their own design.


We learn best when we use our senses and sensory experiences help us self regulate our bodies. The Playspace has a range of toys which are rotated to create a rich sensory integration environment.


Being in Asheville, our tent campground will offer a seasonal rotation of pretend play options. And of course , no Playspace is complete without little baby dolls and soft friends to practice nurturing skills. . Dramatic play allows the toddler to act out real world situations, take on various roles, practice new vocabulary and develop social-emotional awareness of others.


The loose parts shelf has a variety of materials to set up an obstacle course or practice pattern recognition with shapes and color. Loose parts facilitate child driven, open-ended play while encouraging creativity and developing problem solving skills.


You or your little one need a moment to reset? Or a place to sit, deep breathe or observe all the action , feel free to use the numerous chairs, pillows and cushions which are all around the room!


Our sweet babes have their own soft and cozy spot. There is an age appropriate foam climber, a mirror to catch their own gaze and a variety of play equipment to support pulling up and climbing. Pick up a basket with infant toys and a soft mat to use anywhere in the Playspace, if you need to follow a busy toddler around the room.